Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3D Collaged Necklace

Hi there! Dale here....

This week, I wanted to try numerous things using 3D Crystal Lacquer and sometimes all those ideas are overwhelming.  So, I stepped back and concentrated on the first one that came to mind and wanted to try as I am going to see Oprah on April 14th, so I wanted a special necklace for that date.

I am one of those people who is unable to wear regular jewelry, I am allergic to metal.  Sometimes, I can find something out there that I like and can wear but not often.

So......I decided to make my own special 3D Collage Necklace.
I started with collected images and words from magazines that spoke to me.  I've been in a joyous mood lately and the word "JOY" popped out first thing.
I have several chipboard shapes in my embellishment box, so decided to use this 4 inch X 2 inch oval one.

I glued down the background image (image of metal drawers somewhere), added the words and the funky circle image.
Then, it was time to add the Sakura Hobby Craft 3D Crystal Lacquer (which is on special this month if you use the code Terri04 )
When I had picked out the magazine images, I totally forgot about the colours from the backside....oops.
While the 3D Crystal Lacquer was drying, I started on the clock part of this project.  I had these curtain rings in different sizes, that were perfect for adding to the back of the clock image so when I added the lacquer to the front, it wouldn't fall through.  I have had these little rhinestones in a package for a couple years and decided, even though, I'm not a rhinestone person these would work on this click face.
When I first looked at this project (like the picture above) I was devastated that the colours from the reverse of the images was coming through.  I calmed myself down by saying "Maybe when it dried it wouldn't be so severe."
In the morning, it was still showing, but I think it added to the project for me.  Others might have tossed it, but making ART is all about expressing yourself and this talks to me about me.
I added blue marker all around the edge of the chipboard covered the back with a book text and then added the silk ribbon. The colours in the funky circle image on the chipboard are not as severe and I'm hoping once the clock face totally dries (the top is dry but not the underneath as it was thick) it might be toned down a little.
I am happy with this 3D Collage Necklace and will wear it proudly on my Oprah date.

Now is a great time to try Crystal Lacquer, because during the month of April, you can save 20% by entering the code Terri04 when you check out at Sakura Hobby Craft.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to use!