Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Page by Page

Garden Mini Album

This month I really wanted to experiment with my products from Sakura Hobby Crafts. It really didn't matter what I created, this project was going to be all about techniques and that black chipboard album I made years ago. I knew the colours would pop off this chipboard and I was right. Every page is made using only the following products.
paper flowers

On each of the pages I painted a simple base coat of Mica and 
3D Crystal Lacquer. About 1 tablespoon liquid lacquer to a 1/4 teaspoon of mica powder.
 For the front cover I used an old sticker sheet and cut turned it into a template. I applied coloured lacquer to the cut out parts.

 The flower below was made by twisting together dried lacquer. It looks so pretty in person.
To this butterfly page I added my base colour first. Then I added some wax drops to the page and melted them on. I painted over them and then removed the excess wax. This turned out great. I love love love the take away effect.

 This butterfly was made with a rubber stamp. I then outlined the image with my Metallic Glitter Pens. I filled it in with the 3D Crystal Lacquer, don't you just love how it highlighted the colours from underneath?
 You know that extra stuff you can't use and gets left on the table to dry up? Well I reapplied the leftovers to the page above. Then I put a rub-on on top of the leftovers and Crystal Lacquered the hell out of it. Its shiney, it should have attracted a crow instead of the pretty bird I drew, cut out and applied to this page. Giggle!
More rub-ons (above)
 This page and the following page were made using a template that I painted the 3D Crystal lacquer and Mica mixture right over top of.
The butterfly above is actually the plastic backing of sticker that I painted right onto. I should have stamped on it, now that I look at it, LOL. Oh well, next time. I've come up with some fun new techniques and I hope to discover many more over the next few months. 

Don't hesitate to find me on facebook (Lee Brehon) if you'd like to ask me a question about any of the items I make using the SAKURA HOBBY CRAFTS

If you'd like to try the Crystal Lacquer for yourself (I know you do) you can get 20% off of this product for the entire month of April - just use the code Terri04 at checkout.

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  1. Great Job Lee! I took a sneak peak last night.. Lovin the colors & techniques!

  2. WOW - You have been busy Lee! GREAT job and THANKS so much sharing!

  3. That was some very beautiful looking experiments!
    Wish you a great day :)