Friday, April 19, 2013

Wedding Votives

Outline stickers and 3D Crystal Lacquer are a perfect Marriage together!!!  Sorry, for my pun! 
Here you have a votive, and for a wedding table decoration, all you have to do is, add the stickers and color with colored 3D Crystal Lacquer.

EASY - and many can be made quickly to accent the tables - How Beautful!!!  It is especially pretty with the light shining through on the lacquer!

There are 5 colored sets of lacquer to choose from and a new metallic set.  Find them here

Use any clear glass item and decorate them to your delight with these color sets.  I have clear magazine holders and I want to add the outline stickers to them and finish with 3D Crystal Lacquer, as well as cast vegetables in plaster then paint with the 3D colors.  That will be a project I will post when I finish them.

NOTE:  I used a small, fine, soft paint brush because I did not want a lot of dimension with the finished piece.  I added a little lacquer and moved it with the tip of my brush to spread into areas.

This idea works well on gretting cards as well.  This Christmas card was colored in with 3D Liquid Lacquer to create a greeting card.

Crea8iveLea Yours - Lea


  1. I can't wait to try this with my stickers, they do look so beautiful.

  2. Great Ideas Lea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great idea Lea! THANKS for sharing!