Friday, April 5, 2013

Moulding with 3D Crystal Lacquer

This was an experiment that worked out so wonderful!!!  Because I live in a humid area, I wasn't sure how long it would take to mould, but I found a way to do this faster!

This collage is done on a board book, with ink, stamps, and collage.  What makes this collage "pop" is the column, I moulded with 3D Crystal Lacquer.  The mould used is a silacone mould, flexible to remove finished piece.

1.  The way I was able to mould this piece is : A) Did not fill the mould all the way up.  B)  Do in layers.
2.  Think of the colors you would like to work with in the mould.  Remember you can do several techniques (Mix TS mixers with lacquer first to create a custom color, add and mix/marble clear lacquer with color lacquer, etc.).
3.  For this project, I used the new Metallic 3D Crystal Lacquer. 

These colors are so yummy!!  I started with the silver color and squeezed it in the very bottom of the mould.  I let this dry.  It is a thin layer, not too thick so it dries within a day or 1/2 day.

Next I added a little clear, added some of the copper and mixed.  I did this right on top of the silver.  After that dried, I added more silver, and a little copper and mixed.

Then when that dried, I added gold.  So I kept doing this until I filled 1/2 the mould.  There is enough shape that I didn't have to fill it more for the piece to show the column. 

4.  Once the whole piece is dried, pop it out and use clear 3D Crystal Lacquer as an adhesive to secure the column to your collage.  This will ensure that an element a bit heavier than paper will stay in place on the collage.

In this collage, the torso is done with clear and copper.  It looks old and aged yet shiny!
 3D Crystal Lacquer is a versatile product for all your crafting needs.  Add TS Mixer's or the pre-colored lacquer sets to enhance any artwork!!!  3D Crystal Lacquer adds depth and dimension and can also become a shiny paint and accents.
The DT shows you ideas and tutorials so you can go beyond, dew drops or just covering an image.  The basics are GrEaT but go outside the box and try new ways to create with 3D Crystal Lacquer!!!!
 This code is good ALL April!!!  Stock up and don't forget to get the new Metallic 3D Crystal Lacquer.  Love the colors!
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  1. Love what you did here. Awewsome project!

  2. I wondered if this could be done, now I know. TFS this fun project.