Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Butterfly Lacquer Ring

I love wearing big bulky rings, because it just gives any outfit a special touch.  Last year I purchased a butterfly ring at a flea market in San Antonio, Texas, but during our recent moved I lost it.  So, my project for you this week was to great a butterfly ring using Crystal Color Lacquer by Sakura Hobby Craft.

There is totally something about butterfly that I love, and I think that it's because to me they represent a beautiful flight of freedom.  This butterfly lacquer ring is very easy to make and you can make just about anything from rings to even hair accessories just by simply using the Crystal Lacquer or the Color Lacquers.  Not only does this gave it color but it also gave it a 3 Dimensional look to it.

As you can see my youngest daughter had to be the first to model my new wearable Butterfly Lacquer Ring. She is just like her mama loving butterflies as well.

So, what do you need to create this Butterfly Lacquer Ring, well not too many supplies, because this is one project even your kids could make.

Materials Used by Sakura:

Other Materials Used:

  • Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue
  • Darice Stretch Adjustable Ring
  • Beading  NylonThread 
  • Pearl Bead
  • Any Bead Connecto ( I used Beyond Beautiful Flower & Gold Swirl Connectors)
  • Graphic 45 Metal Butterfly
  • Jewelry Tools:  Wire cutter
The first step is to gather your material.  Like any craft project it is a lot easier to work when you have everything there in front of you.  

Step Two:

Make sure you clean your surface that you are about to work with.  I just simply wiped the Graphic 45 Metal Butterfly with a damp paper towel.

Step Three:

Decide where you want to glue you beads to the butterfly.  Once you have decided where they go on the Graphic 45 Metal Butterfly using the Aileen Jewelry & Metal glue adhere them to the metal butterfly or surface you are working on.

Step Four:

Once glued you can begin applying the Crystal Lacquer if you want a clear finish or like me, add the Crystal Color Lacquer that you can purchase at Sakura Hobby Craft website.  What I like about the lacquer is that it dries very fast and it leaves NO bubbles, now that is AWESOME!  Once you apply this set it aside for at least one hour or until it's completely dried.

Step Five:

With the Darice Stretch Adjustable ring you can then take a pearl string the nylon thread and back into the opening in the center of the Graphic 45 Metal Butterfly and thread it through the holes on the adjustable ring. I glued on the backing using the Jewelry Glue just to give secure it better.

Once all that is dry you have a perfect ring for any occasion or like my soon to be 9 year old said, "perfect for her to wear to school."

You can use this same technique to make matching barrettes or pendents using the Graphic 45 Metal Butterflies and Sakura's Crystal Color Lacquer.

I hoped you enjoyed this project, and I hope to see you stop by my blog at


  1. Great Piece! Love Butterflies..

  2. Very COOL Mai! I LOVE butterflies also...GREAT JOB!!! THANKS for sharing!

  3. That's so fun, pretty colors.