Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time Flies Altered Sakura Milk Can

I altered Sakura’s little milk can into a personalized treasure tin using Sakura Crystal Lacquer, paper, burlap and ink.
Here’s the milk can:


I measured the can and cut my paper to fit.  I have a stack of clock faces printed on heavy paper.  You could also use a stamp, a printed graphic or patterned paper.

My paper did not fit all the way around the can, so I cut a little extra piece.
I stamped my phrase on the paper with Colorbox Chalk Ink in dark brown (“Tempus fugit,” or “Time flies”).
I colored the paper with 7 Gypsies Color Wash (pastel green) and let it dry.


Crystal Lacquer is a great adhesive and it works on metal! I coated the back of the paper with Crystal Lacquer.  You could coat the can instead, but I felt like I had better control this way.  I poured a little Crystal Lacquer onto a plastic container lid and used a foam brush to apply it to the paper.  Then I placed the paper on the can.
After it felt dry, I applied a coat of Crystal Lacquer on top of the paper.
I made the burlap wings from the Angel Wings die by Sizzix.  The wing was too big for my can, so I cut one out of paper and trimmed it to use it as a template for trimming the burlap ones. 
I cut out the burlap wings and then trimmed then, using the paper wing as a guide:

For tips on diecutting fabric, please visit my tutorial here.
Then I added a little distress ink to the edges of the wings (vintage photo and rusty hinge):

I adhered the wings to the can with more Crystal Lacquer.  I put one on and let it dry before I added the other.  I put some Crystal Lacquer on the can and some on the back of the top part of the wing, then held the wing tightly to the can for a couple of minutes so the Crystal Lacquer could set.  Then I set the can on its side with the wing up and let the Crystal Lacquer harden before adding the second wing.
I added clock gears to the wings with more Crystal Lacquer and stabilized the can so they wouldn’t fall off before the Crystal Lacquer hardened.  I inserted a bottle into the can and then used two full bottles to keep the bottle/can combination from rolling:

Once the gears were on securely, my treasure tin was ready!

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