Friday, May 31, 2013

Faux Fused Glass Pendant

Choker with faux fused glass (800x567)

You can make faux fused glass pendants with Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers!

I had just made some “Crystal Lacquer film” for a project I had in mind when I saw Tammy Tutterow’s tutorial on making faux fused glass pendants with shrink plastic and Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE).  It looked like fun, but I wanted to try it with my Crystal Lacquer film instead of shrink plastic, so I postponed the project-in-progress and used my “film” to make my own faux fused glass pendant.

Here’s how I make the Crystal Lacquer film.  The base is the package from a set of metal dies.  I pour in some Crystal Lacquer, add Terri Sproul Mixers and stir.  The package has a little rim that holds in the Crystal Lacquer. These were made with Copper Penny and Green Pearl.  When the Crystal Lacquer sets up, it is adhered to the plastic.  You can cut it with scissors or in a diecutter.

Crystal Lacquer film (800x600)

I diecut some hearts.

Diecut (600x800)
Then I heated UTEE in a Melting Pot.  A word of caution: The Embossing Enamel and parts of the Melting Pot get very hot! 
Melting UTEE (800x600)
I punched holes in my hearts and put a piece of thin wire through each hole.  Using the wire as a handle, I dipped each heart into the melted UTEE.  The Crystal Lacquer film became very flexible when heated, so it is better to have a nice deep reservoir of melted UTEE and make a quick dip.  If you have to move the piece around in the UTEE for too long, it can become distorted (which might be a cool effect for some projects).

I set the hearts to cool on a heat-resistant nonstick sheet.

Dipped and cooling (800x600)

While you are dipping your pieces, you can scrape them against the edge of the Melting Pot to remove excess UTEE.  I was trying to get a thick coating of UTEE and ended up with the UTEE dripping off my pieces.  I trimmed it off with scissors while it was still warm and smoothed out the edges by heating them with a heat gun.  I removed the wires and cleaned out the holes with a small round file.

Trimmed 2 (800x600)
Then I made some jewelry!  Here is one of the hearts with a brass charm on a chain:

Faux fused glass pendant (668x800)

And here is one with a brass charm on a memory wire choker with glass beads:

Choker with faux fused glass (800x567)
This process is easy and has so many possibilities!  You can include embellishments or combine multiple pieces for more complex pendants!

Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Oh I love this Karen! Very Pretty!

  2. Wow, I love this! That choker is fantastic.

  3. Lovely, so creative, can't wait to try your technique, thanks for sharing :))

  4. AWESOME Karen! I will have to try this - THANKS so much for sharing!!!

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  6. does the UTEE or any of the other components create fumes? it looks like fun, but i have very hypersensitive lungs, due to asthma. btw, i'm a big fan. i love all your stuff.

  7. oh I really really like this idea, TFS, I'm going to create something using this technique.