Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crystal Lacquer Wrist Cuff

I have to give credit for this project to my daughter-in-law Joanna Lassak. We were looking through some of my past projects when she suggested making a wrist cuff with Sakura Hobby Craft Crystal Lacquer.

To begin I poured a band of clear crystal lacquer on a Teflon craft mat.

Step 1-Lacquer Base

Next I sprinkled the base of lacquer with three colors of ultrafine glitter. I covered a second base of crystal lacquer with microbeads.

Step 2-Glitter & MicroBeads

The microbeads weren’t successful. They were too heavy and sank into the lacquer.

I set the bands aside to dry overnight. The microbead band was a total failure :( , but I was pleased with the glitter band. I used a craft knife and straight edge to trim the sides of the band.

Next, I stamped the band with black Staz-On ink.

Step 4-Stamped Image Small

I rounded each end of the band for a more finished look and pierced small hole in each end with a Crop-a-dile. Then I used the Crop-a-dile to set a rivet in each of the holes. I used a black velvet brad for the closure.

Step 6- Rivet & Brad

The finished wrist cuff is a glitzy addition to my jewelry collection. Check out the 3-D Crystal Lacquer blog for more project ideas.

Finished Wrist Cuff

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  1. Wowsers Carole - amazing project! I might have to give this idea a whirl myself!

  2. Talk about outside the box, what a great idea!