Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zentangle Happy Accident!!!

Hello fellow crafters,
Do you ever start out creating with a specific idea in mind then have something happen that takes you in a new direction? Welcome to the story for this blogpost. I started with a Dreamweaver stencil of a kimono and drew/traced the outline of the image with my micron pen. I then in true Zentangle fashion filled in the open area with some of my favorite Zentangle patterns.
I then started painting inside the lines with different Sakura Hobby Craft Colored Crystal Lacquers.

Well, while I was painting one of the lacquers 'spilled' all over my craft area and onto the card base part of the image. I quickly scooped as much of the spilled lacquer back into the tube for later use and then took a moment to look at my 'ruined' piece.

Keep in mind I had already spent about 30-40 minutes to draw all the tangle patterns in the Kimono and I really liked the results and didn't want the piece to go to waste. So I took a page from the teaching of Maria Thomas, co-founder of Zentangle and took the attitude that there are no just go in a new direction when something doesn't happen the way you envisioned. I took the brush I was using and painted (as quickly as possible) the blue glob all over the rest of the design. Then wiped it all with a wet paper towel to try and even it out as much as possible.
I added a few drops of other colors on top of the blue in different areas to give it more dimension and color. This time not caring if I went 'outside the lines'. Once the entire piece dried I cut out the kimono using detail scissors.

Then I used the clear Crystal Lacquer on the back as an adhesive using the toothpick to evenly spread the lacquer to all the edges. I flipped it over and put the piece on my yellow cardbase and voila! A finished card!

I hope you like the end result as much as I do!!! A couple of things you need to remember when working with the Crystal dries quickly so make sure you are cleaning you paintbrush in between colors and right after you finish painting with them. Also, if you do get a blob of color and have to change what you are doing....decide quickly as this product does dry rather fast!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my project. Other ideas can be seen on my blog here.
Watch for the Sakura Hobby Craft Design Team bloghop on June 30th! Blog Candy will be available!!!

The Stamp Addict


  1. What a great project! love when you play and something cool happens! way to think out of the box with Crystal Lacquer!

  2. Your project turned out really nice! No mistakes, just happy accidents right?

    Hugs XX

  3. So pretty, love happy accidents. What an unusual effect!