Wednesday, June 15, 2011


     Sakura's Crystal Lacquer is my new best friend and I have been running around the house looking for items to put it on.  It's amazing just how many items can use a little enhancing.  After exploring all avenues I settled on creating a Key Ring for my husband since Father's Day is just around the corner.  
     Let me share the procedure with you and trust me, the most difficult part of this project is waiting for it to dry (overnight works well).  This is what you'll need:

Sakura's: 1 Square Blass 1-1/2x1-5/8
                1 Bail
                Crystal Lacquer Pastel Transparent Blue
                3-D Crystal Lacquer (clear)
Other Supplies:
                3 Charms with a Beach Theme
                Gold Micro Beads, Split Ring and 1 large Double Ring
                A Smile and loads of Enthusiasm.
1.  Place a very small amount of 3-D Crystal Lacquer inside Square Blass.
2.  Position 3 Charms.
3.  Carefully sprinkle small amount of Micro Beads on the inside bottom of Blass (to simulate sand).
4.  Apply Transparent Blue Pastel Crystal Lacquer around charms, careful not to get on micro beads.
5.  Wait a couple of hours for it to dry, then apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over entire inside of Blass.
      Wait for it to dry, overnight works well.
6.  Attach Ring,
     That's it, you're done.  Simple right?  Before you wrap it apply his favorite keys and watch his
expression, especially when he hears that you made it.  Have fun, I know I did.  Keep those creative juices flowing by trying different themed charms and different colors of Transparent and Opaque Crystal Lacquer.  
     Here's another suggestion.  Attach a Lobster Claw instead of large Ring and attach to your favorite Chain or strand of Pearls as in the following photo:
     Enjoy the journey and don't limit yourself to the possibilities that await you.  Keep smiling, Carol

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