Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Card

A play I have been doing since April (I Never Sang for My Father) is closing this Sunday, Father's Day.  I have had a great time doing this play, it's a wonderfully talented cast, and we have a great time together.  The play is about family relationships, loss and connecting with our fathers in particular.  So, I thought my cards to the cast would also make a great Father's Day Card!  The specific touches I used for the play, can simply be changed for the things the Father in your life likes!
What I used:
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Metallic Color Lacquer
  • Blank Greeting Cards
  • Patterned Paper
  • Cardstock with Poster Clip Art printed on my printer
  • Cricut Sentimentals Cartridge, Chair
  • Tim Holtz sheet music Texture Fade
  • Distress Ink Pumice Stone, and Honey
  • Rubber Stamps 
As I said, I used images that are from the play.  The Father's Chair is present on stage the whole time, and I think it's a great symbol of Dad, like his throne.  Can't think of a man I know who doesn't love his recliner, spot on the sofa or special gaming chair.  Dubonnet is also referenced in the play, but you could take Dad's favorite hobby, beer, soda, what have you and find a great vintage poster image like I did!  Trains, golf sports team, make it special and all about him.

I was mass producing these, if you have multiple Dads in your life you may want to do the same.
First I cut up my little Vintage posters, and die cut all my chairs and cushions.
I also cut some 3.5"x5" pieces of white cardstock and embossed them with the sheet music texture fade.  You could use any texture fade but I chose music, again, specific to the play...
Next I inked all the sheet music with Pumice Stone and an ink blender and went over again with the ink directly, to make the notes really stand out. 
I inked the seat cushions with the Honey ink, the chair in our play is kind of a mustard color, the paper I had matched but wasn't quite yellow enough, and I also wanted to give the cushions more dimension like a real cushion.
I used 3D Clear Crystal Lacquer on the bottle and glass of Dubonnet, to make it look like glass, and I added some copper accents of Metallic Color Lacquer to the edges of the image.  This really gives an image and extra quality, and polish that I love!  It's such a great way to keep it from looking like something you just printed on your printer.  It gives it that special touch.
I adhered the cushions to the chairs, and let everything dry for a bit. 
Finally I Stamped the word "Congrats" on the side of the card, and used 3D Crystal Lacquer to glue everything in place.  I like the Lacquer as an adhesive, it sets things in place in seconds, and I know pieces aren't going to fall off, even going in and out of an envelope and being handled, like with some adhesives.  I also added some dots of more copper Color Lacquer to the "Congrats" to give the whole thing a uniformity.  And TADA!!  This photo doesn't do it justice, but the Crystal Lacquer really gives it finish and pizzaz!  I love the effect it creates, and I always love the "wait, you made that?" aspect that Crystal Lacquer gives.
I can't wait to hear what Father's Day slants you put to personalize yours, feel free to share!  Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads in your lives!  I have other fun ideas and adventures I like to share on my blog, Whimsykins.  Have a great weekend!  Merci.

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