Friday, May 3, 2013

Milk Tin of DREAMS

Hi there!  I hope everyone is has had an AWESOME creative week!!

Today, before I begin my project I want to tell you about this amazing small business - Sakura Hobby Craft.  I was given this opportunity to be on their Design Team to showcase their products.  
I have never met them in person, but they do everything they can to please the customers and if we have a question.
All they ask in return is to check out their products and hopefully order from them.  Their products are not available anywhere else in my area and YOU are missing out if you haven't tried them!!!

OK - on to my project for this week.......My Milk Tin of Dreams.

As some of you know (those who follow me), I LIKE TREES!  I am concentrating on working on MY DREAMS this year and so what better way to have my dreams front and centre in my studio than on a Dream Tree.  The little milk tin from Sakura is the perfect container!

Its the perfect time to get branches around here, and before the ban on the Elm trees takes effect.  I cut one that had several off branches.  
In the bottom of the milk tin, I added some old metal printing letters I have had for ages - they are the perfect thing to weight down the milk tin so it doesn't become top heavy.
I filled the milk tin 3/4 full of an old matte medium that I was not happy with and its still not fully dry (I filled it last Friday)...its thickened more and more every day.
On the tin, I added a vintage scrapbook paper and glued on buttons.

On the tree, I added 2 strands of flower sequin string I made using the little flower sequins and perle cotton.  I made a knot between each sequin as they were added with a needle.

For the ornaments on the tree, I used some tags that I added photos to and then used the 3D Crystal Color Lacquer for added colour and dimension around the edges.  

I then tied more perle cotton on the tags and placed them randomly on the tree.  
I had small paper flowers in a little container asking to be used and so I glued them randomly onto the tree branches along with the butterfly.  

The Dream Tree can be images of all your dreams, or would make a great gift for the Mothers in your life with photos of all their children or grandchildren.

When you order this month, use the discount code: Sakura05 you will receive 20% off your total order.


  1. Great ideas Dale! thank you for sharing...

  2. This would be a good use for some outdoor plants, cool.

  3. Great idea for mothers/grandmothers.

    1. YES, it sure is. THANKS for stopping by & commenting.