Monday, May 20, 2013

Crystal Lacquer Graphic 45 French Country Tin

I love Graphic 45 and I really love their new French Country collection, which was perfect for my Crystal Lacquer French Country Tin.

The lacquer and the paper collection worked very well for my project and I loved the finished look.  Not only did I create an awesome decor for my kitchen but I also got to play with two great quality products Sakura Hobby Craft Crystal Lacquer and Graphic 45.

To create with these two products it's not very difficult in fact I will show just how easy it is to create this beautiful Crystal Lacquer Graphic 45 French Country Tin.

From top to bottom you can see the lacquer glossy finish on my tin, totally an oooh la la touch!

Here you can also see the added embellishment of a wooden fence I picked up at a local craft store.

I loved the way the Liquid Leaf made this look really distressed and he Crystal Lacquer on the lid made it even better.

Now it doesn't take a lot to make this tin, but it does take some patience.

Step One:

Gather  your supplies.

As you can see I used the following:

Sakura Supply:
Other Supplies:
  • Graphic 45 - French Country Stickers 
  • Graphic 45 - French Country Paper Collection
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic Paint - Apple Barrel Glossy Black
  • Paint Brush - Bristle & Sponge
  • Liquid Leaft
  • Fabric Square
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Vintage Photo
  • Wooden Fence
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Old coffee
  • Heat Gun
Step Two:
Prep the milk tin by priming with Gesso and a sponge paintbrush.  Just like you see below.

Step Three:
Paint the milk tin with Apple Barrel Glossy Black Acrylic Paint and then with another bristle slightly brush some gesso, this gives it the distressed look.  Once dry apply some Liquid Leaf, and I just rubbed it with my fingers but you can brush with a paint brush.  

Step Four:
Once all the paint and liquid leaf is dried you can then take a piece of Graphic 45 French Country collection and measure to fit the tin.  I distressed the paper prior to adhering to the tin.  

The tin looks a little scary but that all changes once you get your paper on their.

I trimmed the top rooster border for my bottom of my tin, which I layered with the fence you see.  

Step Five:
I brushed some of the Crystal Lacquer on to the entire tin.  Make sure you cover every inch.  This step is what gives the tin that extra touch and seals the paint at the same time.

I used a round Rooster stick from the Graphic 45 French Country collection for the top of the lid and it was a perfect fit. I sealed with the 3D Crystal lacquer.
Now the fence. I purchased this fence at a local craft store that typically has quilt supplies, but I was just lucky and I distressed with some of the liquid leaf and Tim Holts Vintage Photo ink. 

The roosters and the fence almost looked just like it would in a farm.  Loved this!

Step Six:
Now glue the fence to the tin.

Step Seven:
I took a piece of fabric square and dipped in recycled coffee that I had left over, see even coffee can be recycled, I LOVE THAT!!!
Measure and cut, which is not hard to to especially with a rotary cutter and quilter's ruler.

Dip in coffee and I had to let this piece soak for about an 1hr to get a distressed look.

I removed from coffee and dried up with heat gun to speed up the process.  You can also throw in the dryer but I was way too lazy to do that :)!

Step Eight:
Now you have a strip of fabric and you can make a bow for the tin.

Pretty huh, I love the way it turned out and see how easy it is to create with Sakura's Crystal Lacquer, the sky is truly the limit.  I hope you enjoyed my project.  
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  1. I love your work! all the materials you used are really cool.

  2. Great Job Mai! I love the collection and your project turned out perfect!

  3. Another GREAT tin Mai! Thanks so much for sharing!