Friday, May 10, 2013

"Lucky Penny"

"Lucky Penny"

As a child I remember how fun it was to load up my piggy bank. It was always some silly big plastic pig in a bright pink or orange color. I would get mad if it were the kind of bank that had to be smashed in order to get into it. 
So my childhood pain was my inspiration for this project. LOL. I have hung onto a pretty piece of Asian styled 12X12 paper for along time now and knew instantly that this piece of paper would entice me to save my pennies. It has a beautiful far away landscape on it and red is my favorite color, red.


- One milk can from Sakura Hobby Crafts
- 3D Crystal Lacquer
- Terri Sproul Mica Powder
- Double Sided sticky tape
- Embellishments
- Paper of your choice

Step 1
Put double sided sticky tape around your milk can.
 Cut paper to fit around the can and place the paper
 onto your can.
 Apply any embellishments or lettering to your can.
 Apply a layer of 3D Crystal lacquer to the outside of the paper, even over the gemstones and lettering.
 To make the hole in the lid (that is removable) 
I used my crop-o-dile and punched a series of holes along the middle of the lid and sanded, filed and sanded. This wasn't hard, but it was time consuming, so I used my dremmel tool to speed things up.
Finally, I applied a layer of Terri Spoul mixers to the lid. Thats about a teaspoon of 3D Crystal Lacquer and about 1/4 teaspoon of the Terri Spoul Mica Powder, well stirred and painted on with a paint brush. I finished the piece by adding some beads that spell out the word "Lucky". 

This was such a fun and easy project, it would make a lovely gift! 

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  1. I love it Lee! Great story too! Looking forward to the Blog Hop..

  2. I love the way you blinged out the can that is really cool! Loved the scenery and the technique.

  3. VERY COOL Lee - THANKS for sharing!