Friday, May 17, 2013

Sequin Topairy

For my second milk tin project, I wanted to try a Topairy.
Topairy has been on my list of want to try for awhile.

I had used sequins in my other milk tin project, and since I had the sequin storage tote out, I decided to use more of my stash.  I selected these larger floral sequins and starting attaching them to a 3 inch styrofoam ball using 3D Crystal Lacquer (so if there was a space between them, it would be covered with the lacquer).

For the milk tin, I cut one of the styrofoam in half and formed it to find in the top part of the milk tin.  I covered the styrofoam with some dyed fibres I had received from a friend.
I, then, used double sided adhesive to add the rows of ribbons (vintage Stampin' Up) around the bottom of the milk tin.
Once the sequins were completely dry, I wrapped the stick part with fibres, and forced it into the styrofoam inside the milk tin.  I added the corrugated fence after it sat on my shelf for a couple days and I thought it needed more.  

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  1. This is so sweet, and perfect for spring and summer decorating (parties, little girl's room, all kinds of things)!

  2. This is great, what an imagination you have! Very Pretty

    1. LOL - THANKS Peggy! Will never run out of ideas....

  3. I really like topiaries, well done.

  4. Replies
    1. THANKS Sue for stopping by & commenting!