Sunday, May 5, 2013

From the Tomb of Nefertiti

Coming in a couple weeks!!!!  See all the magical mystical fairy art created with Sakura Products!!!

Many artifacts of Nefertiti were missing because Nefertiti and her husband worshipped the sun.  This was a change from the previous religion and the people destroyed her tomb!

I was lucky to find this artifact!!!  Don't I wish???  This milk can is my homage to Nefertiti.  While she didn't follow the masses, she was a great ruler, fair and kind. 

This can is representative of the way Egyptians bury their treasures with them to take to the next life. 

Sakura Products -

3D Crystal Lacquer, Colored and Clear

To create this milk can, start with various colors of 3D Crystal Lacquer, or mix your own.  The idea is to give the can the look of worn, "patina" metal.  Greens, turquoise, and Copper work brilliantly.

Start with green.  Mix color or use a 3D Crystal Lacquer color and pour into a palette cup.  Use a sponge and sparingly pick up a little color and pounce on surface of milk can.  Cover most of the can in green.  IF YOU PUT TOO MUCH LACQUER ON SPONGE, YOU WON'T GET THE TEXTURE.  You can always add more color.  Let dry. 

Add a little copper, let dry.  Add turquoise, let dry.  Add copper on top.  If you accidently add too much copper, add more turquoise, and so on.  Get a nice blended look of patina metal.

The photo doesn't show the "shiny" but it is cool!!!  Collaged are museum bought images for collage, charms, a scarab for the top of the can, and ribbon/fiber.

Use CLEAR 3D Crystal Lacquer to collage images and add the charms and scarab.  A foam brush works well to collage without leaving brush marks.    For charms and scarab, add a puddle of lacquer and place item into it, pressing slightly.  Add more lacquer around edges if needed to secure in place.

As always there is a coupon - Sakura05 - 20% off.

Ok, off to empty the sand out of my trip to Egypt was dusty!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


  1. I love Egyptian themes. This is wonderfully creative and beautiful!

  2. That is really awesome, my daugther would love this because she loves Egyptian things!

  3. I am so glad to see some Egyptian art. I love it, and your milk can is awesome. TFS

  4. GREAT JOB Lea! THANKS for sharing your love of Nefertiti!