Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red White and Blue a Candle for YOU!


With the 4th of July soon approaching, I thought it would be nice to share some "Americana" with all of you.

Many of you want to jazz up your tables and yards for the festivities but want to keep the crafts simple and quick. Well this candle is both of those things. And I can't think of a better way to show off some of your craftiness with your family and friends. I have to admit, while taking these photos in my backyard, I was really happy with the results and the colour and whimsy this candle offers will be a fun addition to your table and its useful to!

Gather your supplies - you will need
** one milk can **
- red, white and blue acrylic paint
- paint brushes
- sticky backed stars
- drill and drill bit (I used my dremmal)
- masking tape
- 3D Crystal Lacquer

Step one
Rough down your can a little bit with some sand paper (the paint will adhere better to the can)
Step Two
Use whatever stars you like - I cut my stars out of vinyl, with my Cricut machine. Peel off the backing and stick them on the upper half of your can in a scattered pattern.

Step Three
Put your safety glasses on and get your drill ready. Remember you are drilling metal, its hot, pieces will fly off. Do this step away from paper items and in a safe place.
Drill holes at each point of your star and in the middle point as well. Basically you are making an outline of a star.

Step Four
Leave your stars attached for this step. Mask off your milk can half way down. Paint the top half of your can blue. Let this dry. Repeat this step on the bottom of your can with red paint. Let this dry.

Step Five
Paint your white stripes by masking off the bottom section into three equal parts. Let this dry really well.
Step Six
Paint your stars white or add star shapes like I did.
Step Seven
Finish coat the entire can with 3D Crystal lacquer.
Step Eight
Use whatever design you like, but I kept my lid very simple and did the lid with half red paint and half blue paint in the same manner as above. Use a Citronella candle inside to help keep the pests away.

You can drill a hole into the lid and tie some string to it, just to make sure it stays with the can.
Imagine what these would look like all lined up on the patio tables. Or better yet, why not make some of these up for your next wedding or anniversary. 
I hope this will be the project that kick starts your summer outdoor planning.  
If you have any questions send me and email or comment here. Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. Fantastic and fun Patriotic Lantern. This will be perfect giftees to bring along to summertime BBQ's.

  2. AWESOME Lee! THANKS so much for sharing!